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XI 3.1 OpenDocument URLs for copy-paste

Here are some simple templates for OpenDocument links





=”<a target=’_blank’ href='”
+”../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sType=wid&sDocName=” + URLEncode(“Document“)


Problem with OpenDocument inside IFrame in Internet Explorer


It is not possible to login to BusinessObjects using Internet Explorer when the report is embedded into another web page using IFRAME and OpenDocument link.

<iframe width=100% height=100% 

You get the login screen but nothing happens when you try to login (you are staying on the same page). The OpenDocument link works when it is opened in the browser directly.


This happens because Internet Explorer gives lower level of trust to IFRAME pages. IE calls this “third-party” content. If the page inside the IFRAME doesn’t have a Privacy Policy, its cookies are blocked (which is indicated by the eye icon in status bar, when you click on it, it shows you a list of blocked URLs). The cookies are used to store BO session. As the session cannot be saved, the user cannot login.

Resolution (Tomcat)

1. Create folder w3c in

[Business Objects]\Tomcat55\webapps\

2. Create file p3p.xml in the folder with the following code:

    <POLICY-REF about="/w3c/policy.xml">

BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 – Supported Platforms


Search on SAP

Supported Browsers BOE XI 3.1 SP3

Supported Browsers BOE XI 3.1 SP5

See the SAP documentation for details.

Removing the Failed Instances Manually From the Database

The error in BO XI 3.1 SP3 causes millions of failed instances generated (SAP note 1448881 “Multiple instances spawned after daylight savings time change”). If the problem is not solved timely, the BO is getting slow, services is starting to fail often. It is usually possible to remove the instances programmically (SAP note 1568718 “How to delete all failed instances in XI3.1 programmatically”), however this script does not work if the number of the failed instances large – millions of records.

SAP note 1654183 “How to delete all the failed instances in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise manually” is not that clear and more over it is incorrect. The correct script (for Oracle) is given below.

1. Stop SIA.
2. Make backup of CMS database and FileStore folder.
3. Execute the following script:

CREATE TABLE cms_infoobjects6_temp AS (
    SELECT * FROM cms_infoobjects6
    WHERE schedulestatus != 3 
    OR schedulestatus IS NULL);

TRUNCATE TABLE cms_infoobjects6;

INSERT INTO cms_infoobjects6 
    SELECT * FROM cms_infoobjects6_temp;


DROP TABLE cms_infoobjects6_temp;

4. Start SIA and test the system.

CMS operation timed out after 9 minutes

The error “CMS operation timed out after 9 minutes” (see below) means that the BO was not able to complete a query to a CMS database. This could be the case when the CMS database became too large (e.g. if the system is affected by the issue described on the SAP note 1448881). A workaround is to increase the timeout in the registry from 9 minutes (which is the default value) to, say, 60 minutes.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 12.0\CMS\Instances\<instance name>.cms

For 64bit machine:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Business Objects\Suite 12.0\CMS\Instances\<instance name>.cms
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Undocumented parameters of BIAR Command Line Tool

There are a number of undocumented parameters of BIAR Command Line Tool. You might find some of them interesting.

Documented Parameter Default Comment
yes action  null importXML/exportXML
yes userName  null
yes password  null
yes CMS  null
yes authentication  null
yes includeSecurity  true
yes exportBiarLocation  null
yes exportDependencies  false
yes importBiarLocation  null
yes exportQuery
yes exportQueriesTotal
no exportFileLocation  null  ?
no importFileLocation  null  ?
no importXmlLocation  null  ?
no exportXmlLocation  null  ?
no exportXsdLocation  null  ?
no rootFolderCUID  null  ?
no useLegacyEngine  false  ?
no token  null
no resolveDuplicateNames  false  ?
no importFileToFRS  true  ?
no exportFileFromFRS  true  ?
no exportStrict  true  ?
no exportWSStrict  false  ?
no includeHash  false  ?
no importRelationsNotDelta  false  ?
no xsdDelta  false  ?
no validateXML  false  ?
no enforceUnimportable  false  ?
no exportCallPlugins  false  ?
no importCallPlugins  false  ?
no outputIds  false
no twoStepImport  false  ?
no validateParents  true  ?
no printEvents  false  ?
no stacktrace  false

BO XI 3.1 SP3 issue related to daylight savings time change

There is a quite serious issue in BO XI 3.1 SP3 related to the daylight savings time change. See the SAP note 1448881 for details.

After time change, BO generates thousands of failed instances for scheduled reports.  The CMS database is growing very fast. BO system becomes very slow and stops working because of lack of space in tablespace or on the disk.

The quickest way to check if you have the issue is to connect to CMS database and query the number of rows in cms_infoobjects6.


The normal amount of rows is usually less then 10 thousands. If there are more then 100 thousands rows, the system is probably affected by the issue.

To resolve the issue the reports should be rescheduled and the failed instances should be removed (see the SAP note for details). The error is fixed in FP3.6.

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