SQL Anywhere iSQL

Starting from BusinessObjects XI SP5, SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere is used as default database for BusinessObjects system databases (CMS and Audit). This post describes basics how to connect to the system databases using iSQL.

The default location of iSQL is folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\SQLAnyWhere12\bin\dbisqlc.exe

To connect to database, you need connection parameters such as server and the database. The default name of the server is BOE120SQLAW_sa, the name of database is BOE120. You can find these parameters in the parameters of ODBC data source.

After this, you will able to run SQL queries against CMS database.

List of BO tables

select * from systable where creator=(select user_id from sysuser where user_name='sa')

Query CMS_InfoObjects6 table

select * from CMS_InfoObjects6 where ObjectID=12

Determine the size of table CMS_InfoObjects6 in bytes

select db_property('pagesize')*(systable.table_page_count+systable.ext_page_count)
from systable
join sysuser
on systable.creator=sysuser.user_id
where systable.table_name='CMS_InfoObjects6' and sysuser.user_name='sa'

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