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Removing multiple hyperlinks in Excel

There are some techniques on the web on how to remove all hyperlinks from Excel document. These include removing using Paste special and a macro. Sometimes it is difficult to use Paste special because of merged cells, and macro sounds too frightening and also it may spoil your formatting.

Another technique is to use Find and Replace.

  • Hit Ctrl+H
  • Click Options
  • For the field Find what, click the arrow on the button Format
  • Select option Choose Format From Cell
  • Pick the format of a cell with hyperlink
  • In the field Replace with, choose the format for a number without hyperlink
  • If you want to remove hyperlinks in the whole workbook, change Within from Sheet to Workbook.
  • Click Replace All


Mouse pointer disappearing in Windows 7

I had a problem – my mouse pointer was disappearing after waking up computer on occasion. Nothing helped except System Restore which was not actually very neat solution as restoration also removed important system changes or software.

I spend few hours searching internet for the solution but have not found anything that solved my problem.

What worked for me was to uninstall all mouse drivers and reboot the computer.