Problem with OpenDocument inside IFrame in Internet Explorer


It is not possible to login to BusinessObjects using Internet Explorer when the report is embedded into another web page using IFRAME and OpenDocument link.

<iframe width=100% height=100% 

You get the login screen but nothing happens when you try to login (you are staying on the same page). The OpenDocument link works when it is opened in the browser directly.


This happens because Internet Explorer gives lower level of trust to IFRAME pages. IE calls this “third-party” content. If the page inside the IFRAME doesn’t have a Privacy Policy, its cookies are blocked (which is indicated by the eye icon in status bar, when you click on it, it shows you a list of blocked URLs). The cookies are used to store BO session. As the session cannot be saved, the user cannot login.

Resolution (Tomcat)

1. Create folder w3c in

[Business Objects]\Tomcat55\webapps\

2. Create file p3p.xml in the folder with the following code:

    <POLICY-REF about="/w3c/policy.xml">

2 thoughts on “Problem with OpenDocument inside IFrame in Internet Explorer

  1. sabri

    hello , we have same issue. we tried your solution. but it didnt work. we are developing with .NET on IIS and BO is on Tomcat server with different server. Everything is fine with mozilla but not with IE. We created w3c context under the webapps and created this xml but we didnt find policy.xml in the server, as you gave as a POLICY-REF.Should we create a second xml or what should we do ?


    1. dmytro Post author

      Since IIS is used, you should do this in the folder:
      [Business Objects]\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\Web Content\

      Try to open the file in the browser, to check that it is in the right place and accessible:

      Note the solution will not work if IP is used in the opendocument link



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