Undocumented parameters of BIAR Command Line Tool

There are a number of undocumented parameters of BIAR Command Line Tool. You might find some of them interesting.

Documented Parameter Default Comment
yes action  null importXML/exportXML
yes userName  null
yes password  null
yes CMS  null
yes authentication  null
yes includeSecurity  true
yes exportBiarLocation  null
yes exportDependencies  false
yes importBiarLocation  null
yes exportQuery
yes exportQueriesTotal
no exportFileLocation  null  ?
no importFileLocation  null  ?
no importXmlLocation  null  ?
no exportXmlLocation  null  ?
no exportXsdLocation  null  ?
no rootFolderCUID  null  ?
no useLegacyEngine  false  ?
no token  null
no resolveDuplicateNames  false  ?
no importFileToFRS  true  ?
no exportFileFromFRS  true  ?
no exportStrict  true  ?
no exportWSStrict  false  ?
no includeHash  false  ?
no importRelationsNotDelta  false  ?
no xsdDelta  false  ?
no validateXML  false  ?
no enforceUnimportable  false  ?
no exportCallPlugins  false  ?
no importCallPlugins  false  ?
no outputIds  false
no twoStepImport  false  ?
no validateParents  true  ?
no printEvents  false  ?
no stacktrace  false

Stack Trace

With the parameter stacktrace=true, java trace of an error is printed. E.g. instead of
Export to File Path invalid. (FWM 04005)
you will see
Export to File Path invalid. (FWM 04005)
com.businessobjects.sdk.biar.BIARException$IOException: Export to File Path invalid. (FWM 04005)
at com.businessobjects.sdk.biar.utility.XSDUtility.performAction(XSDUtility.java:541)
at com.businessobjects.sdk.biar.utility.XSDUtility.main(XSDUtility.java:901)


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