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How to diff universes using Universe Documenter

I have added a new feature to the tool Universe Documenter which allows to find differences between universes. I will describe on an example.

Let’s open┬áIsland Resorts Marketing universe and make some changes:┬áremove table Age_group and object Age group, and save the universe with a different name.
Universe Documenter - Diff Example - Universe

Now we will start the tool, open the modified and original universes, select the option Diff in Post processing, and click Quick View.
Universe Documenter - Diff Example - Dialog

In the Excel spreadsheet, you will see the information from both universes with the differences marked in yellow.

If you built the Excel for two universes one of which is the copy of another, there should be two rows for each object (condition, join etc) with the same values. If universes are different, e.g. there is additional object in one of them, there will be a corresponding row for this object in the Excel which does not have corresponding row from the other universe and such this row will be marked.

We removed table and therefore we removed corresponding join. This is shown in the Excel spreadsheet:

Universe Documenter - Diff Example - Result

If for example an object was changed in the copy, e.g. the name or type were changed then both corresponding rows are marked. You can further sort rows in Excel to find what exactly changed.