Purge or Refresh Universe Lists of Values from Command Line

The command line tool imports a universe from CMS, refreshes or purges lists of values (LoVs) and exports the universe back to CMS.


Executable for BOE XI 3.1

Source – C# VS 2010 Express solution

This software is distributed AS IS with no warranty of any kind, use it on your own risk.


/server: – BO server. If not specified, standalone mode will be used.
/user: – User name. Default – “Administrator”
/password: – password. Default – blank
/auth: – Authentication. Default – “secEnterprise”
/cmsfolder: – CMS folder with universe
/cmsuniverse: – Universe name in CMS
/file: – Local file name
/lovs: – File with list of values. Only specified LoVs will be purged/refreshed.
/purge – Purge all lists of values
/refresh – Refresh all lists of values
/save – Save all lists of values to a file

The tool can purge or refresh LoVs.

server, user, password and auth are the connection parameters. The tool can also run in standalone mode, that is when server is not specified.

When cmsfolder and cmsuniverse are specified, the tool will import the universe, handle lists of values and export it back to CMS.

The tool can work with locally saved universe using option file. In this case the tool will open the universe, handle LoVs and save it to the same location.

The tool can proceed only subset of lists of values using lovs option which is the name of the file. To build the file with all LoVs, the option save should be used.


Build a list of all lists of values and save to a file lovs.txt

LovUtil.exe /server:localhost /cmsfolder:"test examples" /cmsuniverse:Univers1  lovs:lovs.txt /save

Refresh lists of values specified in the file lovs.txt

LovUtil.exe /server:localhost /cmsfolder:"test examples" /cmsuniverse:Univers1 /lovs:lovs.txt /refresh

Refresh all lists of values for a locally saved file in standalone mode

LovUtil.exe /file:"Univers1.unv" /refresh

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