Is the use of Enterprise SDKs in a thick-client/desktop application supported


BusinessObjects Enterprise XI, Crystal Reports Server XI, and Crystal Enterprise contain COM, .NET, and Java SDKs. Is the use of these SDKs in a thick-client or desktop application supported?


No, the use of BusinessObjects Enterprise SDKs is not supported in a thick-client or desktop application because the BusinessObjects Enterprise SDK is only intended for use in web applications. To build BI platform thick-client or desktop applications, use Business Objects web services.


  • Thick client applications are not supported because of the CORBA implementation we use with the Enterprise services.
  • Thick client applications are typically installed on many client systems. The large install base would put a strain on the CMS because an individual CORBA connection would be created for each client logon to the CMS server.
  • Web applications don’t present this problem because the application server will only create one CORBA connection to the CMS server for all the client sessions initiated.
  • While the thick client application will likely work without error, there is no escalation path to the technical development team for any issues specifically related to the thick client application. Any issue must be reproduceable in a web environment in order to be tracked as a bug.
  • Only the Enterprise Web Services SDK is supported in a thick client application.


SAP note 1219135 and related discussion

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