Time Sheet Status – Webi Exercise

It seems to be a good Webi exercise (for beginners).

Employees submit weekly time sheets. Each time sheet has time sheet lines. Time sheet line can have one of three statuses: Submitted, Approved and Rejected.

The status of the time sheet is defined by the statuses of the time sheet lines:

  • When for a week one or more lines are rejected the whole time sheet status is “Rejected”.
  • When for a week one or more lines are submitted, there are no lines rejected, but there can be lines approved, the time sheet status is “Submitted”.
  • When all lines are approved the time sheet status is “Approved”.
  • When there are no time sheet lines, the status is “Missing”.


Status Code

= If [Status]="Rejected" Then 1
  Else If [Status]="Submitted" Then 2
  Else If [Status]="Approved" Then 3

Timesheet Status

= If Min([Status Code])=1 Then "Rejected"
  Else If Min([Status Code])=2 Then "Submitted"
  Else If Min([Status Code])=3 and Max([Status Code])=3 Then "Approved"
  Else "Missing"

2 thoughts on “Time Sheet Status – Webi Exercise

  1. Maria

    Agree except status Missing: by your logic timesheet is missing if timesheet exists, but timesheetlines are missing. But in reality it is missing if there is no timesheet for particular week. So I would just replace column Timesheet with column Week in your example and point that there should be another query (select Week from D_DATE group by Week) which must be merged with your original query by Week.


    1. dmytro Post author

      Yes this is a good idea to replace column “Timesheet” with “Week”. For the the exercise it would be ok to emulate missing time sheet with missing values in “Line” and “Status”. Thank you!



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