Use of Alerts in Webi

This post is a quick guide how to add a simple alert to a table in Webi.


Upload necessary images to the BO server in the folder

[Business Objects]\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\images

In this example images green_arrow.gif and red_arrow.gif were used.


Create new Webi document based on Island Resort Marketing universe, Pull object Resort, Year, Revenue into the query. Create the variable Revenue 2004 with the following expression:

=Sum(If [Year]=”FY2004″ Then [Revenue])

and Revenue 2005

=Sum(If [Year]=”FY2005″ Then [Revenue])

Defining Alert

Click the alerter button on the tool bar.

Create new alerter, and in the created alerter add two sub-alerters: one for green arrow when Revenue for 2004 is less then Revenue for 2oo5, and one for red arrow in the opposite situation.

For the first sub-alerter, select “Image from URL”, and enter “boimg://greet_arrow.gif” in the URL field. Boimg refers to the folder [Business Objects]\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\images. Do the same for the second sub-alerter.

Apply the created alerter for the column Revenue 2005.

This will add the arrows to the cells:

Another use of Alerts

Another use of alerts is to replace blank (on the left side) values with NA (on the right side):


3 thoughts on “Use of Alerts in Webi

  1. Anil Kumar

    I did the same. Everything is fine. But while publishing this through mail in mhtml. Each picture is delivered as an attachment. Is there a fix?


  2. sivakumar


    I need to use a OR condition in the alerter, can we use that, If yes, Please suggest me how to use it.




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