InfoStore Query Builder (with export to Excel)

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The purpose of the tool is to simplify building CMS metadata queries and provide possibly to export the result to Excel.

BusinessObjects Query Builder

With BusinessObjects Query Builder:

  • you cannot actually build a query, you have to write the query manually. The step-by-step wizard is too simplistic.
  • you have to remember the table names and the object kinds.
  • you usually have to write several queries to get the required result. For example, you have to find a folder ID, before querying the list of objects in the folder.
  • The simplest task such as a creation of list of reports might be tedious  because of the structure of the result. You have to copy-paste each individual name in your list.

How to use

You can build queries for three tables:

  • CI_INFOOBJECTS – information about all kinds of documents (Webi, Crystall Reports, Txt, Doc etc.)
  • CI_APPOBJECTS – information about universes.
  • CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS – information about servers, connections, users.

The tool allows to restrict query to specific object or specify parent folder.

You can view results in the BO Query Builder by clicking "Open in Query Builder", or export the result to Excel file.

Export parameters

Containers – export containers on a separate worksheet. Container is a hierarchical property. E.g. property SI_FILES contains properties SI_NUM_FILES, SI_FILE1, SI_FILE2 etc.

Transposed – sometimes it is convenient to see the result in the transposed form, for example when you select one object.


The tool has been desupported. Check Biclever CMS Query Builder as alternative.

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