How to create a webi document using Java Report Engine SDK

This post describes the typical workflow required to create a new Webi document in BO XI 3.1. You can download the compete code here . We will consider an example how to create a simple Webi document based on Island Resorts Marketing universe that will display resort service and revenue from that service for US. Connect to […]

Printing LoV names with Designer COM SDK

Tutorial "Getting started with Designer SDK" using System; using Designer; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { delegate void CleanUpMethod(); static void Main(string[] args) { Application application = new Application(); application.Interactive = false; CleanUpMethod cleanUp = delegate { application.Quit(); }; Console.CancelKeyPress += delegate { cleanUp(); }; // to handle Ctrl+C try { application.Logon("Administrator", "", "localhost", "secEnterprise"); […]

Getting started with BusinessObjects Java SDK

BusinessObjects Report Engine Java SDK is primarily used for Web Intelligence customization. This post describes how to start development of a command line tool. Such tools can make life of report developers easier. They can be used for: Documentation creation. Simple corrections and layout changes. Purging data from Webi documents. Automatic tests. You will need: A […]

Getting Started with Designer SDK in C#

You will need: BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x: You need BusinessObjects client tools installed on your PC, and a connection to a BusinessObjects server. Visual Studio C#: You can install Microsoft Visual Studio Express from Create new project: File > New Project… > Console Application Add reference to the SDK: Project > Add Reference… > […]