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How to retrieve SQL query of QaaWS using BO Java RE SDK

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QaaWS is stored as Webi document on the server To check that QaaWS is represented as Webi document, you can open Query Builder and run the following SQL: SELECT * FROM CI_APPOBJECTS WHERE SI_KIND='QaaWS' The property SI_FILES describes the location of the files corresponding to QaaWS and it is actually the WID file: The following […]

localhost in QaaWS for Xcelsius dashboards

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To allow easy migration of QaaWS from one server to another it is recommended to use localhost instead of server name in QaaWS and in Xcelsius dashboard connection to QaaWS. This however complicates the job of Xcelsius dashboard developer, because reference to localhost will not work for QaaWS connection if he works from his PC […]