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Purge or Refresh Universe Lists of Values from Command Line

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The command line tool imports a universe from CMS, refreshes or purges lists of values (LoVs) and exports the universe back to CMS. Downloads Executable for BOE XI 3.1 Source – C# VS 2010 Express solution This software is distributed AS IS with no warranty of any kind, use it on your own risk. Options […]

Command line InfoStore Query Builder with export to Excel

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A free command line tool that runs query against CMS database and saves the result in Excel or CSV. Options -cms: BO server. Default is localhost -username: BO user name. Default is Administrator -password: User password. Default is blank -auth: Authentification. Default is secEnterprise -query: CMS query (the same as you run in Query Builder). […]

InfoStore Query Builder to Check Relations

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There is a nice tool in CMC that allows to check relations between objects. Something similar can be done in the query builder with some non documented features. For instance, to find all reports that use a universe Finance, you can write: SELECT * FROM ci_infoobjects, ci_appobjects, ci_systemobjects WHERE PARENTS("si_name='Webi-Universe'","si_name='Finance'") PARENTS has two arguments. First […]

How to Replace a Table with a Derived Table

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This post describes the detailed steps to replace a database table with a derived table. Also it describes how Universe Documenter can help to achieve the perfect quality even for such complex modification of a universe. You may need to replace a table with a derived table if your universe is affected by the self-outer […]

Universe Documenter – Some Best Practices

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Beside the straightforward use of the Universe Documenter for documenting list of objects, tables etc, it can help developer to speedup some verification tasks. 1. Some guys do not believe in automatic context detection and create contexts manually. In my experience if the database schema is designed properly and join cardinalities are set properly, automatic context detection […]

How to diff universes using Universe Documenter

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I have added a new feature to the tool Universe Documenter which allows to find differences between universes. I will describe on an example. Let's open Island Resorts Marketing universe and make some changes: remove table Age_group and object Age group, and save the universe with a different name. Now we will start the tool, open the […]

Universe Documenter

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The tool exports BusinessObjects universe metadata into Excel file including information about objects, predefined conditions, tables, joins, contexts, index awareness and incompatibilities. Requirements Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 BusinessObjects XI 3.1 SP3 Microsoft Office 2007 or OpenOffice 3.0 Installation The tool is provided and supported by The tool is build using Express version of Visual Studio, […]