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InfoStore Query Builder to Check Relations

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There is a nice tool in CMC that allows to check relations between objects. Something similar can be done in the query builder with some non documented features. For instance, to find all reports that use a universe Finance, you can write: SELECT * FROM ci_infoobjects, ci_appobjects, ci_systemobjects WHERE PARENTS("si_name='Webi-Universe'","si_name='Finance'") PARENTS has two arguments. First […]

Problem with OpenDocument inside IFrame in Internet Explorer

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Symptoms It is not possible to login to BusinessObjects using Internet Explorer when the report is embedded into another web page using IFRAME and OpenDocument link. <iframe width=100% height=100% src="http://SERVERNAME:8080/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sType=wid&sDocName=Balance+Sheet"> You get the login screen but nothing happens when you try to login (you are staying on the same page). The OpenDocument link works when […]

How to Replace a Table with a Derived Table

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This post describes the detailed steps to replace a database table with a derived table. Also it describes how Universe Documenter can help to achieve the perfect quality even for such complex modification of a universe. You may need to replace a table with a derived table if your universe is affected by the self-outer […]

Problem of using self joins in combination with outer joins

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Problem (It is assumed that the parameter ANSI92 of the universe is set to Yes, the parameter SELFJOINS_IN_WHERE is either not set or is set to No.) The table A is affected by the self/outer join issue if it has a self join and it is joined to a table B with the following outer […]

Example of sub-query in Webi

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The post describes an interesting example of use of subqueries in Web Intelligence. The task is to display year-to-day revenue figures. The universe database structure is the following: The universe contains the following objects: Revenue defined as SUM(INVOICE_LINE.DAYS * INVOICE_LINE.NB_GUESTS * SERVICE.PRICE) Invoice Date objects such as Invoice Date, Month, Quarter, Year. Today object defined […]

How to Change Expression in Report Cells using BO Java SDK

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Problem "I have nearly 500 reports, each report having logo on the right up corner in all tabs, in a cell having formula “boimg://logo.bmp” and read as image URL. Now i have come up with change in logo format. Now the same formula is to be changed to “boimg://logo.jpg”". Code private static int replaceExpression(DocumentInstance widoc, […]

How to get report drill filters

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Here is an example how to get report drill filters. DocumentInstance doc = reportEngine.openDocument(infoObject.getID()); Reports reports = doc.getReports(); for (int i = 0; i < reports.getCount(); i++) { Report report = reports.getItem(i); DrillInfo drillInfo = (DrillInfo) report.getNamedInterface("DrillInfo"); DrillBar drillBar = drillInfo.getDrillBar(); for (int j = 0; j < drillBar.getCount(); ++j) { DrillBarObject drillBarObject = drillBar.getItem(j); […]

How to Test All Connection using BusinessObjects SDK

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Problem "I was doing some research in the past but could not find any solution out on the WEB, but think it would be helpful for BO admins. Tool, that can test all the universe connection from environment without using Designer tool, since in it you can test one connection at the time, but if you […]

Crystal Reports vs Web Intelligence

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Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence are two technologies from SAP BusinessObjects portfolio that provide possibility to build reports. Web Intelligence is a perfect tool for ad-hoc reporting. It is very easy to build report from a scratch even for a new user. However when the requirements are too specific, when it is necessary to build in a sophisticated […]

Printing LoV names with Designer COM SDK

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Tutorial "Getting started with Designer SDK" using System; using Designer; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { delegate void CleanUpMethod(); static void Main(string[] args) { Application application = new Application(); application.Interactive = false; CleanUpMethod cleanUp = delegate { application.Quit(); }; Console.CancelKeyPress += delegate { cleanUp(); }; // to handle Ctrl+C try { application.Logon("Administrator", "", "localhost", "secEnterprise"); […]