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Unx Documenter

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There is a free tool for extracting UNX universe metadata available on It also allows comparing universes.

Calculation contexts issue with Sum, Where and If

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Make a report based on eFashion universe with [Year], [City], and [Sales revenue]. Now we will try to calculate total Sales revenue for Austin in 2004 but in two steps. Where and If Define variables as: [Sales Austin] =[Sales revenue] Where([City]="Austin") [Sales Austin 2004] =Sum(If [Year]="2004" Then [Sales Austin]) The expected value for [Sales Austin […]

BusinessObjects BI Tomcat logs

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BO BI 4 Tomcat generates some logs in the root folder such as SBOPWebapp_BIlaunchpad, SBOPWebapp_CMC, SBOPWebapp_Mobi_Server: To move the logs to another folder, add Tomcat Java option -Duser.home=C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\BO Logs

Web Intelligence RESTful Web Services SDK with Java

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In this post you will find an example of how to use Web Intelligence RESTful Web Services SDK with Java. The code displays names of the variables for each web intelligence document. To run the code, you will need json library that can be found for instance on Example ( import org.json.JSONArray; import org.json.JSONObject; public class Program { public […]

Re-deploying BusinessObjects XI 3.1 web applications

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These steps describe the procedure for re-deploying web applications for BO XI 3.1 with Tomcat 7. Re-deploying is required, for instance, if you uninstall a language pack from Business Objects. Stop Tomcat Backup Tomcat7 folder located in Business Objects folder Remove all applications except ROOT, manager, host-manager, docs, examples (these are Tomcat applications) from Tomcat7\webapps Remove all subfolders from Tomcat7\work\Catalina\localhost Start […]

How to edit merged dimensions in BO BI 4.x

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In BO XI 3.1, to edit a merged dimension, we could right click on a merged dimension, and select "Edit merged dimension" from pop up menu, this would open a dialog for editing merged dimensions. This has changed in BI 4.x, and it might be not obvious how to adjust merged dimensions. Add dimensions to a […]

Referencing to a document's block in OpenDocument link

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When we use a OpenDocument link to open a Webi document, the report is displayed with a number of controls. http://localhost:8080/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sType=wid&sIDType=CUID&iDocID=Aan15wubifNFikJjmlT.LVU   Sometimes we want to get rid of the controls and display only specific block (for instance, when it needs to be embedded into another application). This can be done with undocumented parameter sReportPart The link will […]

SAP BO SL SDK 4.1 Interface requested not found : csLIB

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I have struggled quite a lot with the error "Interface requested not found : csLIB" when trying to open a semantic layer using SAP BO SL SDK 4.1. It was quite a complex issue so I will summarize it here in case someone has a similar problem. Here I am using a local universe Test […]

XI 3.1 Issue with Excel Data Provider

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Problem A Webi document has a query based on Excel (Excel data source). The document can be refreshed in Web Intelligence Rich Client, but it fails in Infoview with WIS 30270 error. The following errors appear in the log: ExtensionFactoryImpl.cpp:201:void __thiscall WICDZExt::ExtensionFactoryImpl::createRemoteExtension(const class WICDZExt::ExtensionDescriptor &,struct WICDZExt::IExtension **): TraceLog message 24650 2014/10/17 09:02:31.474|>>|E| |13916|15036| |||||||||||||||ExtensionFactoryImpl::createRemoteExtension has […]