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Dynamic Formatting in Web Intelligence

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You can get the response string to a prompt using Web Intelligence function UserReponse(). However the function returns string value which is formatted according to Web Intelligence preferred locale. To make handling of date strings independent on the locale, dynamic formats can be used. Dynamic Formats in ToDate Function To convert the date prompt string […]

ForceMerge() example

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The Webi document is built on two queries. First query dimensions are Country and Resort: There is only one dimension – Resort in the second query. The queries are merged on Resort. The first table in the result contains expected numbers. While in the second table, sum of Number of guests (565+446+540=1551) is duplicated for […]

Getting Started with Designer SDK in C#

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You will need: BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x: You need BusinessObjects client tools installed on your PC, and a connection to a BusinessObjects server. Visual Studio C#: You can install Microsoft Visual Studio Express from Create new project: File > New Project… > Console Application Add reference to the SDK: Project > Add Reference… > […]

localhost in QaaWS for Xcelsius dashboards

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To allow easy migration of QaaWS from one server to another it is recommended to use localhost instead of server name in QaaWS and in Xcelsius dashboard connection to QaaWS. This however complicates the job of Xcelsius dashboard developer, because reference to localhost will not work for QaaWS connection if he works from his PC […]