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Getting Started with BusinessObjects Semantic Layer SDK

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This post describes how to get started with a BO Semantic Layer SDK in Eclipse. It explains the steps to setup a project and provides an example of the code that imports, modifies and exports a UNX universe. You will also find instructions how to run JAR from command line. BO Client Tools and SL […]

Tool for updating non-Administrator group

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BO 4.x has a possibility to customize the user interface of Web Intelligence for specific groups of users. For instance, you may want to hide "Design Mode" interface elements for report viewers who are not supposed to edit reports. This can be done in Central Configuration Management in Groups: The problem is that the change […]

Semantic Layer SDK – check java bitness, path variable and connectivity property

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There are three things that are important when you build a program that uses Semantic Layer SDK. You need to include sl_sdk.jar to the class path. You need to use 32 bit java The system property should be set to the connection server folder"C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dataAccess\connectionServer" The system […]

Web Intelligence RESTful Web Services SDK with Java

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In this post you will find an example of how to use Web Intelligence RESTful Web Services SDK with Java. The code displays names of the variables for each web intelligence document. To run the code, you will need json library that can be found for instance on Example ( import org.json.JSONArray; import org.json.JSONObject; public class Program { public […]

SAP BO SL SDK 4.1 Interface requested not found : csLIB

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I have struggled quite a lot with the error "Interface requested not found : csLIB" when trying to open a semantic layer using SAP BO SL SDK 4.1. It was quite a complex issue so I will summarize it here in case someone has a similar problem. Here I am using a local universe Test […]

Infostore Page Query

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Here is some code for paged querying InfoStore (BO XI 3.1): String uri = "path://InfoObjects/**[si_kind='Webi' and si_instance=0]"; PagingQueryOptions options = new PagingQueryOptions(); IPageResult ips = infoStore.getPagingQuery(uri, options); Iterator<String> pageResultIter = ips.iterator(); while (pageResultIter.hasNext()) { String pageQuery =; IStatelessPageInfo pageInfo = infoStore.getStatelessPageInfo(pageQuery, options); String sql = pageInfo.getPageSQL(); System.out.println(sql); IInfoObjects infoobjects = infoStore.query(sql); // do something […]

Export Webi to MHTML

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To export Webi report to MHTML, the function HTMLView.getContent(Writer,String,String) should be used. // widoc is an instance of DocumentInstance Reports reports = widoc.getReports(); HTMLView htmlView = (HTMLView) reports.getItem(0).getView(OutputFormatType.MHTML); FileWriter fw = new FileWriter("report.mhtml"); htmlView.getContent(fw,"",""); fw.close(); Make sure that libraries xpp3.jar, xpp3_min.jar, xalan.jar and xercesImpl.jar from common\4.0\java\lib\external are included in the class path.

InfoStore URI queries

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There is an alternative to InfoStore sql query – it is BO URI queries. In some situations URI queries are significantly shorter and clearer. For instance, if we need to find all Webi document in folder Test, we will have to run multiple queries to get the result with SQL queries. First you need to […]

How to create a webi document using Java Report Engine SDK

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This post describes the typical workflow required to create a new Webi document in BO XI 3.1. You can download the compete code here . We will consider an example how to create a simple Webi document based on Island Resorts Marketing universe that will display resort service and revenue from that service for US. Connect to […]