BO XI 3.1 SP3 issue related to daylight savings time change

There is a quite serious issue in BO XI 3.1 SP3 related to the daylight savings time change. See the SAP note 1448881 for details. After time change, BO generates thousands of failed instances for scheduled reports.  The CMS database is growing very fast. BO system becomes very slow and stops working because of lack […]

How to fix "Session timed out" (Tomcat)

Resolution Stop Tomcat Edit "web.xml" files in the following folders (do not forget to make a copy before editing): "[Tomcat55 Directory]\webapps\InfoViewApp\WEB-INF", "[Tomcat55 Directory]\webapps\InfoViewAppActions\WEB-INF" , "[Tomcat55 Directory]\webapps\AnalyticalReporting\WEB-INF", "[Tomcat55 Directory]\webapps\PlatformServices\WEB-INF", "[Tomcat55 Directory]\Conf" Set the session timeout to 60 minutes <session-timeout>60</session-timeout> Save and close the "web.xml" file. Clean the "Work" directory. Go into "[Tomcat55 Directory]\Work\Catalina\localhost" and delete the […]

Where universes and documents are stored

BusinessObjects documents and universes are not stored in the CMS database. The CMS database contains only metadata – miscellaneous information about the objects. The files corresponding to the objects are stored in the BO File Repository. For example, there is a webi document Balance Sheet in the BO. For the document, you can find its […]

Internet Explorer 9 support in BusinessObjects Enterprise

If you get error message "HTTP Status 400 – Invalid Path /Analytical Reporting/WebiView was requested. The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.", it is very likely that you are using IE 9. IE 9 is not supported yet by BO. It is planned to be supported in BO BI 4.1 and BOE XI […]