How to create a webi document using Java Report Engine SDK

This post describes the typical workflow required to create a new Webi document in BO XI 3.1. You can download¬†the compete code here¬†. We will consider an example how to create a simple Webi document based on Island Resorts Marketing universe that will display resort service and revenue from that service for US. Connect to […]

Alerters & Drilling in Webi

It is not possible to use variables as drill object in Webi reports. Here is a clever trick how to overcome this limitation using alerters: The idea is to define a variable that calculates the drill level using the function DrillFilter() and then to use this variable in alerters to "overwrite" the value of […]

Removing time part of a date fails in Kettle

Might be an interesting info. I encountered an error running a Pentaho Data Integration transformation. After simplification I got this: Generate Row creates one row with the date field DATETIME=1981-01-01. Calculator calculates field DATE using operation "Remove time from a date". And this trivial transformation failed with a weird error: Unexpected error : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: MINUTE […]

How to run a webi document and export the result to PDF, Excel etc using BO Java Report Engine SDK

This post describes the typical code required to run a Webi document and export the result to PDF, Excel, CSV or XML file. Here is the compete code . The workflow is the following Open a webi document Run queries Set prompts and contexts Export Close The important is that the queries should be run […]

How to determine date pattern for a Webi document using Java RE SDK

… // Determine preferred locale for the user Locale locale = null; try { IUserInfo userInfo; try { userInfo = enterpriseSession.getUserInfo(); } catch (SDKException e) { userInfo = null; } if (null != userInfo) { try { if (userInfo.getPreferredViewingLocale() != null) { locale = userInfo.getPreferredViewingLocale(); } } catch (SDKException.PropertyNotFound e) { locale = Locale.getDefault(); } […]

How to refresh Deski report and export it as PDF and XLS using COM SDK

Here is an example how to open Deski report and refresh it and export as PDF using COM SDK. You will need Visual Studio 2010 Express, BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 client tools. 1) Create a Deski report (here C:\Users\dmytro\Desktop\Document1.rep) 2) Create a new Project "RunDeski" in VS 3) Add reference to the Deski COM SDK, […]