Command line InfoStore Query Builder with export to Excel

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A free command line tool that runs query against CMS database and saves the result in Excel or CSV.


-cms: BO server. Default is localhost
-username: BO user name. Default is Administrator
-password: User password. Default is blank
-auth: Authentification. Default is secEnterprise

-query: CMS query (the same as you run in Query Builder). See example.
-file: CMS query will be read from the file.
You should either specify -query: or -file: but not both.

-excel: Output excel file name. It will contain two spreadsheets: one for simple properties
and another for containers. See containers.
-csv: Output cvs file for simple properties. See containers.
-csv2: Output cvs file for containers properties. See containers.
If neither -excel: nor -csv: are specified, the simple properties will be printed to the standard output in CSV format.


java -jar querybuilder.jar -query:"select si_name from ci_infoobjects"


There are simple properties of CMS objects e.g. SI_ID, SI_NAME, and containers – properties that have subproperties. For instance, the property SI_PROMPTS has subproperties SI_NUM_PROMPTS, SI_PROMPT1, SI_PROMPT2 etc. In turn SI_PROMPT1 has subproperties: SI_PROMPT, SI_PROMPT_TYPE, SI_OPTIONS etc.┬áThe containers are exported in the form: infoobject id, infoobject title, property path, property value.


The tool has been desupported. Check Biclever CMS Query Builder.