Business Idea: Structured News


There is ForEx strategy based on news. News can trigger the exchange rate fluctuation. So news can be interesting tool for traders. However the news are typically not structured. The idea is to develop a service which will provide news metadata including categorization, expert assessment, likes, source.

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  • Anticipation of discount rate by the Central Bank of the countries can lead to sharp fluctuations of the currency instruments related to the currency of the country.
  • Public speaking heads of central banks as well as influential people – most often it is the finance ministers and business leaders and financiers.
  • Opening of trading sessions in the U.S. and European markets are very often accompanied by rapid jumps. If you catch the moment and play in the direction opposite to the gap, you can earn good money.
  • Exit of key macroeconomic indicators affect the financial instruments related to those countries that are sources of news. Very often macro-economic indicators released in the U.S. influences the world financial markets as a whole.


source information
expert assessment of the news (positive/negative, influence)